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DBY Vid Icons

Mike He Rainie Yang...Devil Beside You
if you use credit... 
Image Image Image Image
Image Image Image Image
Image Image Image Image
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they're gorgeous 8D probably not using though
Thanks sooo much!!
These are really cute~ I'd love to use them but I think they're all way too big size for LJ to allow >.<
It might be helpful to make them smaller? ^.^
rofl** ahhh!! I didnt know there was a size limit..I mostly use these for another site and they have no size limit..didnt know=S lol
PhotoShop wont let me re open the icons.....>.
They are all awesome and cover really cute scenes, but they move so fast...:(
lol...thanks soo much...nd I'll try working on that
hi, is it okay if I share this with the forum Support Mike and Rainie Together (SMART-English)? the people there would be very happy to see this... will credit you of course!

and if you haven't been to the forum yet, here's the address:
visit us some time :)

PS if can't share, then it's fine too :)
Ohh no problem at all!! (^__^)
Share away!!
they are all awesome!
Thank you soo much!!=]
I took some of them ^^"
I will Credit you :x

hahah i'm using like all of them. thanks!! a little fast, but they are still so cutee