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Devil Beside You
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Devil Beside You

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This community was made solely for the fans of the popular Taiwanese drama, Devil Beside You (starring Rainie Yang and Mike He) and the manga it was based on (Akuma no souro). Feel free to share your thoughts, icons, graphics, layouts, fanfiction, or anything related to Devil Beside You. Also, don't be afraid to introduce yourself & participate in discussions and challenges! :)

Rules & Guidelines
01. Please be respectful and courteous.
02. All posts must be relevant to Devil Beside You.
03. Large entries (icons, graphics, faniction, etc.) must be put under an LJ-cut.
04. All fanfiction must be rated (G, PG, PG-13, R, etc).
05. Only promotions related to Devil Beside You are allowed.
06. d0 n0T tYp3 lYk3 tH1sS. Please.
07. Have fun! ♥


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